Wednesday, 16 November 2016 12:46pm

What do children think of Metro?

IMG 0489

In an attempt to get some more exciting, blue-sky ideas, the Metro Futures project invited children from four local schools to spend time on an empty Metrocar and think about how they could be redesigned.

The children were challenged to imagine what Metrocars might look like in 2036. In small groups they designed new Metrocars and then recorded adverts for their designs at St James Station. You can see some of their suggestions from each school, ranging from skylights to free wifi access, here.

IMG 0502

The children then watched back all their videos, which could help to shape the new Metrocar designs.

These children may use the new Metrocars for decades to come, and so it makes sense for them to have a say in how they look.

IMG 0492

This echoed the testing of the current Metrocars by schoolchildren when they were designed in the 1970s.