Tuesday, 11 October 2016 5:06pm

Metro Futures media launch

press launch

With November’s consultation period approaching, it was time for the media launch of the Metro Futures project, held in the Metro depot in Gosforth. Our high-vis jackets came in handy again as Open Lab researchers, Nexus employees (from the managing director to the train drivers) and journalists gathered in the old, cold building that houses Metrocars when they’re not being used.

The main stars of the day were Tobyn Hughes, Managing Director of Nexus, Simon Bowen, who leads the project at Open Lab, and Mark Tewdwr-Jones, Director of Newcastle City Futures. All three were interviewed, filmed and photographed on board an empty Metro train, where the only access was through the driver’s cab. Who knew that Metros had so many buttons? 

Metro buttons4


Tobyn Hughes gave the perspective of Nexus, who manage Metro.

Simon detailed how Open Lab will seek the views of a range of people who use – or would like to use – Metro. 

Metrocars like the one the press launch took place on have been in use since the Tyne and Wear Metro opened in 1980. The Metro Futures project aims to design new Metrocars that can be just as innovative and long-lasting, as Mark Tewdwr-Jones explained.

The pop-up labs and online consultation will happen throughout Tyne and Wear in November, but applications are open now to be part of the select group of people who will take part in four workshops to investigate Metrocar design.