Wednesday, 24 August 2016 10:50am

Planning Metro Futures

Researcher Vests

In August 2016 a team of researchers from Open Lab got together to look at how we might work with passengers to capture their experiences of the Metro. Most of us are really familiar with using the Metro for different things, days out, getting to work, but we had to ask what it would be like for others to record their journeys? 

After months of planning and meetings, we put together a set of personas, people who use the Metro on a regular basis and for different purposes. These personas were based on some of the statistics provided by Nexus and our own experiences and observations of using the Metro. We then set off taking on the roles of those people. This was just in a sort of imaginary way, not really acting or anything like that, but we thought about the kinds of journeys people would have and how different kinds of technology may or may not work. We were commuters, holiday makers, families on days out, shoppers, wheelchair users, night time revellers as we travelled across the network throughout the day. We talked to members of staff and other passengers as we went along and got to grips with how others might make their own videos and contribute comments and ideas for Metro Futures. We look forward to recruiting groups of people to work with us in November to create their own videos of their Metro journeys.

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