Benfield School - Dylan, Jack and Leon

Trains in 2036

Gerald skedaddled down the metro platform chasing the hover train. It came to a halt. The doors lifted up to the skies as light flooded from inside, mysterious men in dark, sinister trench coats darted out faster than the eye can comprehend, a huge clumpy bag slung over ones shoulder. Gerald quickly stepped into the lit up carriage. Without hesitation I slumped onto the comfy, heated, massage seats. Gerald opened the locker containing the 65’ plasma screen TV but there was a problem...

On the floor. In the compartments. He searched everywhere for the TV, but it was nowhere to be seen! All he wanted was to watch Peppa Pig. “It must have been those mysterious figures,” Gerald shrieked. A once pleasant ride had turned into a crime full nightmare. Gerald knew he had to do something…

– Dylan, Jack and Leon
11 November 2016