Benfield School - Paige, Dami and Annaleece

“How does a train eat?” said Mike.
“I don’t know.” Tara replied.
“It goes chew chew, do you get it?”
“Haha, so funny, I forgot to laugh.” 

I always thought Mike was weird, but you know, I have to deal with it. Mike and I knew each other from playgroup, and ever since then, we have been best friends.

It is the year 2036, Mike and I wanted to go to the beach so we met up at the Metro but little did we know things had changed since we had last been here, which was  10 years ago. 

It all started when we saw an exquisite, modernised train. We were breath taken. A little boy was rapidly running towards the platform but tripped over and fell onto the tracks. Suddenly, there was a large crowd of people making their way to the platform to see what had happened. They were stunned. Then the train arrived. We were all speechless, the boy was alive which meant the train didn’t harm him. “OHHH” everyone gasped. Technology these days was even more outstanding than it was 20 years ago!

As we entered the breath taking train, we were amazed to see it looked more beautiful than 1st class trains! There were seats with everyone’s names on and there were free pets to take home. They were adorable. Then guess what happened next…

– Paige, Dami and Annaleece
11 November 2016