Benfield School - James, Billy and Liam

My Metro Journey 2036

As I stepped on the metro and sat down on the on the padded seats I thought to myself how things have changed. Cars have changed, shops have changed and most of all the metros that I go on have changed. They used to have wheels and screech as they drove across the old tracks, now they don’t even have wheels. They hover above the marble and are as silent as a mouse.

In 2016 the seats used to be ripped to pieces and were so uncomfortable. They were yellow and grey and stink of old drinks mouldy food and body odour. When you sat on them your trousers would end up muddy.

The environment on the metro was the worst. Everyone would sit on their phones or listen to music and the whole train would be silent. All you would here was the speaker telling you the stop and the screaming of the trains wheels. Now there is waiters serving you drinks, everyone talks to each other and is kind to each other. Since the metro changed I haven’t so one person on their phone or on any electronic device.

If the council didn’t change the metro, I don’t even think the atmosphere of the metro would be the same.

By James Ramshaw, Billy Barton and Liam Davison

– James, Billy and Liam
11 November 2016