Benfield School - Brooke and Sally

I couldn’t see any other way out of this… The doors sprightly closed, as the rain poured down onto the fragile glass rooftop. All of a sudden the metro sped off into the gloomy underground passage. Then I realised I was all alone. I began to see sparks along the rusty railways, as the metro came to a holt. Now I started to panic, why had it stopped? Why there wasn’t a single soul around me? Then my emotions got to me. The floor started to shake and the crying wind was creeping through the one unbolted window. It gradually started picking up rapid speed, before I knew it I was out of the historical mine and up in the muted grey sky. Then I realised the wheels of the metro were vanished with most the seats too. The metro formed into an airplane look alike, we were swiftly gliding through the graceful air. I couldn’t believe my eyes I was actually up in the sky…

By Brooke McAllister and Sally Teeney.

– Brooke and Sally
11 November 2016