Benfield School - Abbey and Aimee

My Metro ride in 2036

The wind howled at me as I stood on the grey platform. A cold shiver went down my spine. In my head I thought to myself ‘this metro better hurry up I’m so cold I feel my fingers are about to drop off.’ Just as I thought this, BING BONG! “Hello and welcome, your metro will be arriving in 5 minutes. Thank you, have a good day.” I’m so glad I can hear the announcers speaking these days.

…. (5 minutes later) I could feel the breeze as the metro came to a sudden halt. “Your metro has arrived. Please enter once the doors have opened but do not try to board once the doors have closed. Thank you, bye.” At long last I can get to warmth as now the metro’s have overhead heating. I’m spoilt for choice as the seats are now lots of different colours also they are now super comfortable and adjustable and they are in long rows of 3 by 3. I settled for a red seat two rows from the back of the second carriage.

I love the new floor as it has holographic flakes in it. The ride is exhilarating and I feel like I am floating. I could fall asleep in the chairs. We are now approaching a tunnel that looks like a black hole. But wait, it’s not dark anymore as it has been fitted with energy efficient lights to light up the journey. All the graffiti has been turned into rainbows and they cannot be painted over as now, when the metros are closed they have automatic gates that sends a photograph to the police if someone tries to trespass.

I am now near my destination and it is time to get off. But I don’t want to. I love metro! I can’t wait until my next journey.

– Abbey and Aimee
11 November 2016