Benfield School - Kamie and Hannah

My metro ride in 2036

The warm sunny breeze coming in from the windows, that were only open a crack, lots of people but there is so much room since they have expanded the size of the once tiny metros. No more people touching or crashing into you when the metro shudders to a sudden stop. I’m all alone, everybody’s at home and here’s me all by myself! Then all of a sudden I heard groaning coming from the back of the metro! I was so scared but I was brave and went to investigate and what I saw was horrific.

it ... it ... it was a ZOMBIE!

Scratching and clawing at the glass windows they were unbreakable (thank god). There was no way he or his other friends were getting into this metro. I didn’t know what to do I had no phone or anyway of contacting anyone but at least I had this unbreakable metro on my side with its lovely BING BONG every half an hour…

By Kamie and Hannah

– Kamie and Hannah
11 November 2016