Benfield School - Ellee and Elisha

The Metro in 2036

Slightly lifting of the ground the metro drifted through the lightless tunnels like an army jet. The ride of our life felt like a trillion seconds, I felt as if we would suddenly fly of the zoom of the tracks. The speed of metro got faster and the carts got higher. We were flying!

A woman beat the rush and took up a comfortable position on the aisle beside me, book in one hand and purse in the other. The metro fare is now £3.50! But every second is worth it! Looking around I saw flat screens on the back of every single chair. BBC news, Itv, Channel 5 all the channels you want how amazing…

When I finally sat down a voice whispered in my ear I looked around and then I another, realising the mysterious voice was coming from my chair. Beside me there was a control panel with everything! There was an option to order food, play music, change the channel, stop the metro and even which direction you wanted to go in. The chairs were heated, the was a massage selection and even an iPad tucked underneath.

Unexpectedly ‘One Dance’ blasted through each corner of the metro. Everyone up to dance but definitely not me. Not in a million years! But an old woman pulled me up and then CRASH! The flying jet stopped.

– Ellee and Elisha
11 November 2016